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Always Leading the World in Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel

Globally, stainless steel enjoys preeminent status as an industrial material due to its excellent corrosion resistance and strength in mechanical applications, and its uses have evolved along with the times. The Japanese steel industry boasts the world's largest variety. The uses for stainless steel have expanded to include applications in the construction, chemical, electronics, and energy industries, and the development of new types of steel is proceeding at a lively pace.

In 1958, NISSHIN STEEL built the world's first Sendzimir mill and established itself as Japan's first integrated stainless steel manufacturer. Furthermore, we have made use of breakthrough manufacturing equipment and methods, such as converters and vacuum degassing, and have installed a tandem Sendzimir mill at our Shunan Works. Available in a variety of gauges, from thick to ultrathin, our stainless steel products enjoy the reputation of being among the world's finest.

NSS 304ES Extremely Soft Austenitic Stainless Steel

We have developed an austenitic stainless steel, NSS 304ES, which has the lowest hardness of any type of stainless steel. A decrease in the work-hardening ratio and solid solution contribute to the softening of this new steel.

NSS 304ES is suitable for many applications using such processes as cold-forming, transferred press, and stretch flanging. Intermediate annealing is not necessary with this steel in multistage press forming owing to its superior formability and softness. With these characteristic properties, it is possible to reduce load in cold-forming and blanking, which makes this steel useful for various applications.

(immersed pump case)

ALSTAR Stainless Steel :Superb Heat and Oxidation Resistance, Born of the Fusion of Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Our aluminum-plated ALSTAR Stainless Steel, compared to traditional stainless and coated steel, possesses markedly improved corrosion resistance and is used in automotive exhaust systems, roofing for seaside structures, and for applications in other highly corrosive environments.

The Tough-Tain Series: Ferritic Stainless Steel for Use in Construction

With numerous special features, such as heat resistance, durability, cost-effectiveness, processability, and aesthetic appeal in addition to super corrosion resistance, NISSHIN STEEL's ferritic stainless steel for construction applications is available in the following three types.

Tough-Tain I : NSS 445M2

With a basic composition of 22% chromium and 1.2% molybdenum, Tough-Tain I features strong resistance to heat and salt in addition to excellent cost performance.

Tough-Tain I

Tough-Tain II : NSS 447M1

With a basic composition of 30% chromium and 2% molybdenum, this product features a higher chromium content than Tough-Tain I, allowing for remarkable resistance against saltinduced corrosion. Tough-Tain II is perfect for use on reclaimed land and areas where exposure to salt is high.

Tough-Tain Z : MOONSTAR Galvanized Stainless Steel

Tough-Tain Z is ferritic stainless steel with a heavy zinc coating for high corrosion resistance. The combination of super corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal makes this product unique.

All-Purpose Stainless Steel Pipe: From Sewers to Industrial Plumbing and Decorative as well as Structural Applications

Compatible with an array of applications, such as decorative and structural pipe as well as plumbing and indoor piping, MOONSTAR stainless steel pipe possesses superb mechanical properties, ideal for bending and leveling processes. Even when subjected to severe conditions, for example, in chemical production, MOONSTAR stainless steel pipe has won the trust of clients owing to its super heat and corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel pipe(exhaust manifold)