Hot-rolled products No.1-Heat-treated and pickled after hot rolling.
-CGPolishig with any of endless belts specified in JIS R6001, but not degreased.
Cold-rolled products No.2 D-Heat-treated and pickled after cold rolling.
-No.2 DRHeat-treated,pickled, and lightly cold-rolled by dull rolls after cold rolling.
-No.2 DSHeat-treated,pickled, and given dull finish with shots after cold rolling.
No.2 B-Heat-treated, pickled, and lightly cold-rolled to obtain appropriate luster surface after cold rolling.
No.3-Polished with abrasives No.100 to 120 specified in JIS R6001.
No.4-Polished with abrasives No.150 to 180 specified in JIS R6001.
#320-Polishing with abrasive No.320 specified in JIS R6001.
-No.9Polishing with polishing belt numbered over 320.
BA-Given high-luster finish and subjected to bright heat treatment after cold rolling.
HL-Polished with abrasives No.80 to 150 specified in JIS R6001 to obtain continuous streaks.
-#400Given No.2B finish and polished with sisal buff.
-No.7Buffed so that reflectivity is higher, compared to #400 finish.
-No.7 SGiven BA finish and polished with cotton buff to obtain high reflectivity.
-EmbossProvided with irregularities on one side by cold rolling (both sides can be embossed)