1.Uniform Quality
  Nisshin products are manufactured by an integrated quality control process from melting to finishing.
2.High Dimensional Precision and Flatness
  The state-of-the-art production facilities offer high sheet thickness precision and flatness.
3.Wide Variety of Types of Steel and Finish
  Nisshin produces a wide variety of unique NSS type steel in addition to the JIS standard steels to meet any need of customers.
Nisshin products are given various types of surface finish.
4.Wide Range of Sizes
  Nisshin products widely ranges in thickness, length, and width.


Kitchen Utensils (SUS304 and 430) Silicon Slicer (SUS304)
Tableware (SUS304,430 and 410) Washing Machine basket (SUS304,NSS430M2)
Kitchen sink (SUS304 and 430) Bathtub (SUS304)
Electron gun parts (SUS304)
Lithium cells (SUS304,430)
Railway cars (SUS301L)
Water tank (NSS444N) Exhaust manifold (NSSHR-1)