3.3.Salt spray tests of W.R.Alstar, 55% Al-Zn and Galvanized:
Photo-3 shows surface appearances after salt spray test of different hot dip coated steel sheets shown in Table-2 and two kind of specimens shown below Table-2 were tested. The areas of each coated sheet affected by rust are shown in Table-3.
The results indicate that W.R.Alstar has better corrosion resistance properties than 55% Al-Zn and Galvanized.

Table-2. Test materials

Remarks: 1.Post treatment values relate to the tested surface
2.Test specimens are 70mm x150mm

Table-3. The ratio of areas affected by rust after salt spray test (sealed edge)
(Unit : %)
Remarks: Values in the table above indicate the percentage of white rust
and values in ( ) indicate the percentage of red rust

Photo-3. Surface appearance of several coated steel sheet after salt spray test
Top three in above table was tested in Nisshin steel. All edges were sealed.
Bottom two in above table was tested in High polymer test and evaluation center/Japan chemical innovation institute (test no. O0-0193). One edge was not sealed.