Weather Resistant ALSTAR is an aluminized steel sheet combining the strength of steel with the advantages of aluminum. It has excellent corrosion and weather resistance in corrosive environment such as coastal area and heavily industrialized area.

1. Corrosion resistance
 W.R.ALSTAR excels in corrosion resistance and offers a wide range of applications, from roofing to general outdoor covering materials.
2. Heat resistance
 W.R.ALSTAR has far greater heat resistance than Galvanized or cold-rolled steel sheet. It withstands temperatures up to 450ºC and can therefore be used for heat-resistance boiler shields.
3. Heat reflectivity
 W.R.ALSTAR possesses excellent heat reflectivity. This effectively prevents indoor temperatures from rising due to sunlight and thus ensures an agreeable living environment.
4. Fine appearance
 The even, attractive, silvery surface finish is another feature of W.R.ALSTAR. This is the combined result of our gas-wiping method, which assures a uniform aluminum coating, and of our shin-pass finishing, which gives ALSTAR sheet a dull surface with a mild gloss.


Construction materials
 Roofing and siding material for factories, plants, warehouses and stores