Moonstar Zinc is electrolytic Zinc coated steel sheet, and it's coating layer consists of high purity Zinc. And many kind of post treatment, for example, lubricate resin coating and corrosion resistant treatment without hexavalent chromium, suit many demands of customers.

1. Corrosion resistance
Zinc coating of Moonstar Zinc have enough corrosion resistance.
2. Good formability
Moonstar Zinc has good formability same as cold rolled steel because of less heat effect on plating process.
3. Post treatment
Many kind of post treatment conform to many use.
4. Consideration for environment
Post treatment without hexavalent chromium, considered as environmentally problematic substance, is available. This is called "Moonstar Zinc R treatment".


Automotive materials
Floor, Undercarriage, Radiator, Air cleaner, Oil filter
Electric appliances
Washer, Dryer, Frozen showcase, Vending machine, Copier, Audio, TV, VTR, Lighting equipment
Construction materials and others
Door, Partition, Shutter case, Steel desk, Locker