Galvastar is hot dip 55%Aluminum-Zinc alloy coated steel sheet, and has fine spangle appearance. Both sacrificed corrosion prevention of Zinc and durability and heat resistance of Aluminum make Galvastar good balanced product.

1. Corrosion resistance
 Galvastar has better durability than ordinary Galvanized steel, and is suitable for anticorrosion materials in heavy environment like industrial area and coastal area.
2. Heat resistance
 Galvastar has better heat resistance due to much amount of Aluminum in coating layer.
3. Heat reflection
 High heat reflection of Galvastar prevents temperature rising of itself, therefore Galvastar using as exterior materials keeps room temperature from rising.


Construction materials
 Roofing, Siding, Duct, other materials
Electric appliances
 Microwave oven, Dryer, Washing machine, Vending machine, Gas stove, Air conditioner
Agricultural materials
 Pipe for greenhouse, agricultural equipments.
Automotive and others
 Container, Heat exchanger, Dryer, Car washing machine