Galvannealed steel is Zinc-Iron alloy coated steel sheet that is developed Zinc-Iron alloy to its surface by specific heat treatment after galvanizing. It's suitable for painting.

1. Suit for painting

Galvannealed steel is an iron-zinc alloy coated steel sheet suitable for painting. Several kind of coating thickness are available to suit individual applications. And the coarse surface of Galvannealed steel induces paint adhesion far better than other coated steel sheet.

2. Economical
There is no need for chemical treatment when applying paint. This means grate savings in labor, materials, and time.
3. A broad range of applications
Galvannealed steel is ideal for a broad range of applications from construction materials to electrical appliances.


Construction materials

Guardrail, Soundproof wall, Shutter

Electrical appliances
Outer shell of mainframe and printing machine, Vending machine
Automotive materials
Track body, Suspension arms