ALSTAR is an aluminized steel sheet combining the strength of steel with the advantages of aluminum, and is extensively used for the parts that need heat resistance; automobiles, burners, and home applications.

1. Heat resistance
 ALSTAR has far greater heat resistance than Galvanized or cold-rolled steel sheet and thus keeps its original fine surface luster even when used for long periods at temperature below 450ºC.
2. Corrosion resistance
 Because aluminum's oxide film is stable, the aluminum coated surface of Alstar is considerably more corrosion resistant than that of galvanized sheet except in certain environments.
3. Heat reflectivity
 ALSTAR possesses not only a finished surface, but also excellent heat reflectivity. Because ALSTAR has a very high thermal efficiency, it is useful for making highly effective heat reflecting plates for toasters, ovens, driers, and other consumer durables.


Electric an home appliances
 Kerosene heater, Toaster oven, Microwave oven, Gas stove, Smokestack
Automotive materials
 Muffler, Converter, Heat insulator