ZAM is hot dip Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium alloy coated steel developed as a highly suitable new product for the 21st century. Coating layer of ZAM has minute cell structure consist of Zn-6%Aluminum-3%Magnesium alloy, and the corrosive growth is very stable. Therefore ZAM has superior corrosion resistance than Galvanized steel and Galfan type steel.

Product name "ZAM" is named from the initials of Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium.

1. Corrosion resistance
  ZAM has superior durability, especially the corrosion resistance is superior 10-20 times than Galvanized steel and 5-8 times than Galfan type(Zn-5%Al) steel.
2. Wear resistance
  Coating layer of ZAM is harder than ordinary Galvanized steel, so ZAM have good durability for wear and scratch.
3. Economic

ZAM has good corrosion resistance at not only flat point but cut edge in heavy corrosive environment, so total cost reduction is available by process omission of anticorrosion treatment, for example, post hot dip zinc coating, post electrolytic zinc coating and several chromate treatments, and post painting for hot rolled and cold rolled steel. Of course it is available for the parts that need superior corrosion resistance than ordinary Galvanized steel.

ZAM is an epoch-making product that changes a common sense of hot dip coating steel.


Construction materials
  Structural materials for house and building, Materials for construction, Guardrail, Soundproof wall
Electric appliances
  Materials for air conditioners, Container, Cable tray, traffic signals, Power supply casing
Agricultural materials
  Materials for greenhouse, agricultural equipments
Notes.ZAM is marketed domestically at the present time.