Overseas Business

Overseas Business Taiwan Nisshin Precision Steel Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Nisshin Worthington Precision Specialty Steel Co., Ltd. NISSHIN METAL SERVICES(M)SDN.BHD. Nisshin Steel (Nantong) High-Tech Sheet Co.,Ltd. Bahru Stainless Sdn. Bhd. Acerinox, S. A. ANS Steel Tubes Limited Tianjin Rihua Steel Products Co., Ltd. Ri Hong Stainless(Shanghai)Co., Ltd. Chang Fu Stainless Steel Center(Suzhou)Co., Ltd. Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Nisshin Automotive Tubing LLC Wheeling-Nisshin, Inc.

NISSHIN STEEL provides technical assistance and participates in joint ventures throughout the world. For example, we took part in the establishment of Acerinox, S. A., a Spanish manufacturer of stainless steel. Our principal overseas investments are outlined below.

Wheeling-Nisshin, Inc.
This company was established in 1984 when NISSHIN STEEL formed a joint venture with Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation of the United States for the manufacture of galvanized and aluminized steel in North America. Since the time of the company's establishment, NISSHIN STEEL has provided all-around support, including the dispatch of directors and production and sales staff. The first galvanizing line went on stream in April 1988, and a second line became operational in March 1993. The company's current production capacity is 600,000 tons per year. Evincing high market regard for the surface-treated products it manufactures, in January 2006 the company marked the cumulative production of 10 million tons, In March 2008, NISSHIN STEEL converted the company to a wholly owned subsidiary.
In addition, the company began to manufacture ZAM® from November 2013.
Nisshin Automotive Tubing LLC
Aiming to provide Japanese-affiliated automakers promoting operations in North America with the same high-quality automobile exhaust parts locally that it delivers to them in Japan, NISSHIN STEEL and two Japanese trading companies established a company to manufacture and sell stainless steel pipe. The company manufacture stainless pipe with the raw materials supplied from the Nisshin Steel and North American Stainless (the U.S. subsidiary of Acerinox). The results is an integrated system spanning raw materials to pipe that responds to demand for consistently high levels of quality. The company began commercial production in July 2005, and manufacturing operations are progressing steadily. In addition, from July 2013, the second pipe-making line launched and started manufacture and sell of stainless pipe for automotive fuel pipe. (NISSHIN STEEL's ownership: 88.5%)
Zhejiang Nisshin Worthington Precision Specialty Steel Co., Ltd.
With a view to responding to local procurement needs of Japanese, American and European automotive parts makers operating there and to securely capturing demand for special steel coils and sheets expected to grow further particularly in East China, the Company established in July, 2014 this joint venture with Marubeni-Itohchu Steel Inc. and Worthington Industries, Inc., of the U.S. in Pingfu City, Qhejiang. (Our ownership-55%)
Taiwan Nisshin Precision Steel Co., Ltd.
In June 2016, a joint venture company for the production and the sales of precision rolled steel products, mainly stainless steel spring materials, was established in Taiwan along with Jie Jin Stainless Steel Industry Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese coil center & precision rolling re-roller, and Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. (NISSHIN STEEL's ownership: 50.5%)
Nisshin Steel (Nantong) High-Tech Sheet Co.,Ltd.
In April, 2013, Nisshin Steel established a joint venture with Nantong city in the Jiangsu province to support the local procurement needs of Japanese automobile makers in China and to help capture the demand of copper plating expected to experience growth in the upcoming years. The joint venture will manufacture and sell electrolytic copper-plated steel sheets of high quality mainly for automotive applications with the use of the Company's technology cultivated in Japan, while also conducting eco-friendly operations. (NISSHIN STEEL's ownership: 90.0%)
In June of 1997, the Company started a joint venture with Tatt Giap Hardware, a large-scale produces for steel coils in Malaysia, to provide stainless steel polishing services and sales. This company focuses on providing the timely supply of building materials and springs to local users domestically. (NISSHIN STEEL's ownership: 75.0%)
ANS Steel Tubes Limited
To develop new markets and cultivate demand for high-end steel pipe in India's rapidly expanding automobile market, NISSHIN STEEL set up this company in cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation and JBM Group, a leading supplier of automobile parts in India. The joint venture was established in the suburbs of Delhi to manufacture and sell automotive steel pipes.(NISSHIN STEEL's ownership: 24.5%)
Ri Hong Stainless(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.
NISSHIN STEEL established this stainless steel coil center to cultivate demand in China's growing market for stainless steel on March 2007, boost sales of products from Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. and reinforce its management structure. (NISSHIN STEEL's ownership: 25.0%)
Chang Fu Stainless Steel Center(Suzhou)Co., Ltd.
NISSHIN STEEL established this center in February 1995 as a joint venture with Japanese trading company and Chinese corporate partners. The company is located in the city of Taicang, Jiangsu Province, and handles processing of steel materials. In July 1997, the company commenced production, processing and selling ordinary steel, stainless steel and other types of steel sheets. The center smoothly operates as NISSHIN STEEL's sales and outsourced processing base for the Shanghai/Eastern China region. (NISSHIN STEEL's ownership: 24.8%)
Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
In November 1996, NISSHIN STEEL and two Japanese trading companies joined this cold-rolled stainless steel joint venture, with other principal shareholders including Baoshan Iron & Steel and Zheyong Iron & Steel Investment (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. a company established by the city of Ningbo. The company's name was changed to the present Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. in August 1998. In December of the same year, the first production facility went on stream, with an annual production capacity of 80,000 tons, Thereafter, as operations continued to progress steadily, a second line to manufacture bright annealed products went into operation in January 2003. Expanding its operations to catering to ongoing growth in the Chinese stainless steel market, by the end of December 2005 the company had added a third and fourth line, raising the facility to its current production level of 660,000 tons per year. (NISSHIN STEEL's ownership: 20.0%)
Acerinox, S. A.
Acerinox is a stainless steel manufacturer established in September 1970. The company was formed as a joint venture between Japanese companies (NISSHIN STEEL and Nissho Iwai Corporation) and Spanish business partners. Benefiting from the technical cooperation that NISSHIN STEEL has provided since the time of its establishment, the company's business has gradually expanded from cold rolling to steel making and then to hot-rolling. Since 1990, Acerinox has worked to expand its stainless steel business internationally, establishing North American Stainless in the United States in 1990 and acquiring South Africa's Columbus Stainless in 2002. These moves have enabled Acerinox to grow into a world-class stainless steel manufacturer with annual group production capacity (crude steel) currently at 3.5 million tons. To enhance its affiliate relationship with Acerinox, in 2009 NISSHIN STEEL acquired additional shares in the company, raising its ownership to over 15%. Furthermore, in 2009 Acerinox signed a joint business agreement with Bahru Stainless, a Malaysian manufacturer of cold-rolled stainless steel sheet. These operations are slated to commence in 2011. (NISSHIN STEEL's ownership: 15.5%)
Bahru Stainless Sdn. Bhd.
In the ASEAN regin greatly ecomomic growth are expected, in March 2008 NISSHIN STEEL reached an agreement with Spain's Acerinox to establish the joint venture BAHRU STAINLESS SDN. BHD. to conduct stainless steel cold-rolling business in Malaysia. The company started commercial production from December 2011. Currently, It's production level of 400,000 tons per year.(NISSHIN STEEL's ownership: 30.0%)
Tianjin Rihua Steel Products Co., Ltd.
NISSHIN STEEL invested in this company in December 1995, and production commenced in January 1997. The company processes and sells ordinary and stainless steel sheet, serving as NISSHIN STEEL's sales and outsourced processing base for Beijing and Tianjin, Hebei and Shangdong prorinces. (NISSHIN STEEL's ownership:10.0%)