Development of New products and New Applocations

One of NISSHIN STEEL's defining characteristics is its focus on creating markets and growing in tandem with our customers. Based on this development style, we seek to develop new products and applications that anticipate changes in the global demand structure, as well as changes in customers' needs.

Research & Development

NISSHIN STEEL provides our customers with steel sheet products featuring various characteristics to meet their needs, such as corrosion resistance, heat resistance, durability and strength. In addition to increasingly diverse market needs, demand has grown in recent years for environmentally compliant products and cost competitiveness. To respond carefully to the requirements of the changing times, we have pursued proposal-oriented research and development that is closely linked with customer needs since our foundation. Our researchers and engineers determine needs by speaking directly with customers, and then develop products with suitable manufacturing and processing technologies and swiftly propose solutions to satisfy them. Our daily efforts to maintain close communications with customers in this manner have resulted in the establishment of our trusted MOONSTAR brand.

We also strive to determine how our customers are using the materials that we supply, and propose welding and other processing techniques. We support customers' product development efforts in a number of ways, including the dispatch of our staff to their production lines to offer on-site technical advice.

In 2009, we opened F-Tech. Plaza within our Sakai Works, a next-generation research facility that also functions as a customer center, containing a showroom and a workshop. This facility is designed to enable us to work with customers more closely to promote product development and reinforce our solution-proposal capabilities.

Rather than simply selling steel sheets, we propose high-value-added products with numerous functions to our customers. Combining our material development, processing and joining as well as production technologies expands our offerings of products offering new potential.

R&D Organization

R&D Organization

  • Promote trinity activities of research, development, and intellectual property strategy by overseeing the entire group
  • Capture growth market, draw customer needs and create market together with research department
  • Operational management of F-Tech. Plaza
  • Overall management of intellectual property, and planning, proposal & promotion of intellectual property strategy
  • Research on ordinary and special steel products, and relevant manufacturing processes
  • Research on stainless steel products, high-alloy steel products, and relevant manufacturing processes
  • Metal-coated products and relevant manufacturing processes
  • Research on organic coating products, new functional materials, and relevant manufacturing technologies
  • Research on formed products and elemental forming technologies


  • Steel Products Laboratories

    Adjoining the Kure Works, which has blast furnaces, is a facility that promotes the development of steel products through activities ranging from materials development of through to production processes for ordinary and special steels. In addition to hot-rolled steel sheet, this facility is involved in the development of a wide range of flat-rolled products for automotive parts, such as high-tensile-strength steel, high-carbon steel and low-alloy steel.

  • Stainless Steel & High Alloy R&D Laboratories

    Within the Shunan Works, our base for stainless steel production, we have a facility for research and production process development on stainless steel that offers corrosion resistance, heat resistance, processability, strength, ductility and other characteristics, enabling us to develop a host of proprietary steels and remain an industry leader in stainless steel development technology.

  • Surface Treatment Laboratories

    Inside the Sakai Works, which is our production base for surface-treated steel sheet, a facility is located to develop a host of high-quality surface-treated products. Here, we promotes the development of products that employ hot-dipped, electroplating and electrolytic treatment, chemical conversion treatment and functional treatment technologies, as well as production processes. ZAM® highly corrosion-resistant hot-dip Zn-Al-Mg-coated steel sheets were born as well.

  • Organic Coating & Structural Products Laboratories

    Our coated steel sheet production base, the Ichikawa Works, is home to a research department that specializes in the area of coatings. This department promotes the development of coated products with functions such as corrosion resistance, refined design, heat resistance, processability and environmental performance, as well as their production processes. Here, we pursue research and development involving precoated steel sheets for exterior applications and interior equipment, as well as new types of highly functional precoated steel products.

  • Forming Technology Development Laboratories

    The Sakai Works has another facility to promote research including experimental techniques and computer simulations involving welding, swaging and other joining technologies, as well as processing technologies such as pressing, forming and rolling. This enables us to offer processing and joining technology solutions to customers so that they can make the most of the materials we provide to them.

Our R&D Initiatives combining the strengths of our five laboratories to meet diverse needs and generate new ideas

We pursue R&D on two fronts. One involves development to meet particular customer requirements; the other is to uncover new possibilities that address market needs.

Around 70% of our research efforts go toward addressing customer requirements. For these activities, our highly specialized research departments work together on developing materials in response to customer orders, as well as developing processing and joining technologies and proposing solutions so as to encourage the use of Nisshin materials.

The second type of research aims to cultivate new materials and technologies that will be used in the future. To conduct this type of research, we deploy cross-functional teams spanning individual research departments and focus on future themes such as new energy, resource conservation and eco-car technologies.

Production Technology Development: The Key to Commercialization of Our Products

Quality, delivery lead times, stable supply. Regardless of how superior our steel sheet may be, we cannot meet customers' expectations unless we are able to produce it on a commercial basis.

Each of NISSHIN STEEL's technology development laboratories adjoins the Company's relevant works, enabling a smooth progression of testing from lab to actual production machinery. Therefore, it is possible to respond quickly to customer needs.

Teams that specialize in research on iron making and steelmaking processes is developing a method of using low-grade raw materials, to provide products and low cost high quality.

Main Products Development History

1959 1959 MOONSTAR Color (prepainted hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet) <for exterior construction materials>
1963 PAINTITE (alloyed hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet)
1970 Alstar steel sheet (hot-dip aluminum coated steel sheet) [featuring heat resistance]
1970 1970 MOONSTAR bainite steel strip [featuring strength, processability]<for springs>
1982 Tecstar (prepainted hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet) <for household electrical appliance>
1995 Toughten I high-durability ferritic stainless steel sheet (NSS 445M2) <for exterior construction materials>
1995 High-strength duplex stainless steel sheet (NSS431DP-2) <for automotive parts>
1999 ZAM® (the industry's first hot-dip coated Zn-Al-Mg alloy sheet) [featuring high corrosion-resistance]
2000 Extra soft highly processable austenitic stainless steel sheet (NSS 304ES)
2001 Pearl-toned transparent painted stainless steel (functionally coated stainless steel sheet) [featuring highly refined designability] <for household electrical appliances>
2008 2008 MOONSTAR GL color/SELiOS (featuring heat-shielding + antifouling properties) <for exterior construction materials>