Manufacturing System

Kure Works

737-8520 11-1
Showa-cho, Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture
TEL/FAX TEL: +81-823-25-8201 
FAX: +81-823-22-7770

Ironmaking and Steelmaking process

In April 1995, we replaced an existing blast furnace with new equipment featuring cutting-edge technologies, and introduced an iron making process that involves high-rate injection of powdered coal to achieve efficient operations. Leveraging the characteristics of our No. 1 and No. 2 steel plants, which have furnaces of different capacities, we dedicate the No. 1 plant for high-mix, low-volume production, chiefly special steel, and we have substantially reduced energy consumption through direct hot charge linking the No. 2 steel plant with the reheating furnaces of the hot strip mill. These plants are the source of NISSHIN STEEL's feedstock.

Hot-rolling process

Our work roll single-cross finishing mill, the world's first, achieves precise control over product shape. The single hot-rolling line of the Kure Works enables us to process all our products—from ordinary and special steel to stainless steel, resulting in industry-leading rates of operation and unit rolling cost.

Facility Name Reference Units Annual Production Capacity(Ton/Year) Principal Items Produced
Iron-making No.1 blast furnace Freestanding type
1 standing 2,080,000 Pig iron
No.2 blast furnace Freestanding type
1 standing 1,632,000
No.1 sintering machine Dwight Lloyd type
1 standing 3,290,000 Sintered ores
No.2 sintering machine Dwight Lloyd type
1 standing 1,460,000
Steelmaking Converter furnace Tandem furnace bottom separation type 90T 2 standing 1,820,000 Slab
Furnace body converter type 185T 1 standing 2,381,000
Continuous casting Continuous casting machine1 Vertical semi-underground type 1 standing 480,000
Continuous casting machine2 Vertical bending type 1 standing 1,992,000
Hot-rolling No.2 hot rolling mill Roughing mill, four-stage reversing type
Roughing mill, four-stage non-reversing type
Finishing mill, four-stage type
Finishing mill, six-stage type
1 standing
1 standing
3 standing
4 standing
1 continuous 3,954,000 Ordinary steel
(Hot-rolled steel strip)

Stainless steel
(Hot-rolled steel strip)

Sakai Works

4-5 Ishizu Nishimachi, Nishi-ku, Sakai, Osaka
TEL/FAX TEL: +81-72-243-2510 
FAX: +81-72-243-2629

Surface treatment Process

Our fourth hot-dip coating line commenced operations in September 1990, which has several features including (1) an annealing furnace employing vertical indirect heating with the soaking area, which ensures good processability and high product quality; (2) our accumulated expertise maximized wih the YG gas wiping method and vibration control devices to achieve a high degree of evenness in coating weight; and (3) leading-edge roll-coating equipment installed in the post-treatment section. These characteristics enable us to offer zinc- and aluminum coated steel sheets of higher quality as compared with our conventional products.

Cold-rolling mill (for special steel production[1ZM])

Our state-of-the-art cold-rolling line for special steel came on stream in 2008. The operation of our 1ZM enables us to produce high-quality special steel—one of the Company's strengths with a consistent quality control process from the materials stage and to aim for an even higher degree of precision.

Electrolytic coating line (Electrolytic galvanizing equipment[EGL])

Over the years, we have amassed considerable experience in electrolytic copper plating and leading-edge technologies. For example, we use insoluble electrodes to achieve a superior degree of evenness on zinc coatings; we can produce coated sheet of up to five feet in width; the use of a highly fluidized horizontal cell ensures improved productivity with high current concentration for coating; and shortening the distance between electrodes helps to conserve electricity. We also comply with green purchasing requirements through post-treatment that employs chrome-free, phosphate and organic coatings, depending on the application.

Facility Name Reference Units Annual Production Capacity (Ton/Year) Principal Items Produced
Cold-rolling Cold rolling mill Six-high, four-stand 1 continuous 1,209,000 Cold-rolled steel
20-stage reversing (sendzimir mill) 1 standing 249,000 Cold-rolled steel (Special steel)
Surface treatment Aluminum coating line Sendzimir method 1 continuous 164,400 Alstar
Galvanizing and aluminizing line All radiant tube method 1 continuous 318,600 PAINTITE B
Zinc coating line Sendzimir method 1 continuous 183,000 PAINTITE B
1 continuous 279,000
Electctrolytic copper plating line Continuous 1 continuous 42,600 MOONSTAR Coppertite Copper Softain
Electrolytic galvanizing line Continuous 1 continuous 222,000 MOONSTAR Zinc
Coating line Continuous two-coat twice annealing 1 continuous 135,600 Moostar Color Tecstar

Toyo Works

962-14 Hojo, Saijo, Ehime Prefecture
TEL/FAX TEL: +81-898-64-1111
FAX: +81-898-64-1655

RSPM line (Pickling, cold-rolling)


We were the first company in the industry to introduce a pre-rolling process that uses a mechanical descaler prior to the acid cleaning process.

The resulting increase in the removal of oxides from the steel surface significantly improves the efficiency of later cleaning with hydrochloric acid. At the same time, this process extends the life of the pickling tank, boosts operating speed and reduces energy by allowing the use of lower-temperature acid solutions.


We have installed a four-stand cold-rolling UC mill, which uses computers to automatically control rolling conditions. As a result, we can adjust steel sheet profiles freely, regardless of material quality. This enables us to supply steel sheet featuring highly precise gauge and shape.

HCGL line Continuous (Hot-dip line)

The HCGL (hot-dip continuous galvanizing line) at the Toyo Works features combined vertical and horizontal annealing furnaces and four efficiently arranged zinc pots. The state-of-the-art technology on this line, which produces ZAM®, enables groundbreaking improvements in surface quality and productivity.

Facility name Reference Units Annual Production Capacity (Tons/Year) Principal Items Produced
Pickling, Cold-rolling Pre rolling type Pickling and cold rolling mill Six-stage type(1 unit)+shallow bath type
Six-high, four-stand
1 continuous 1,080,000 Cold-rolled steel sheet
Surface treatment Zinc plating line Vertial direct-fired reduction-type 1 continuous 480,000 PAINTITE

Osaka Works

Osaka Works
Address 554-0031
2-1-26 Sakurajima, Konohana-ku, Osaka
TEL/FAX TEL: +81-6-6468-1231
FAX: +81-6-6463-0861

Osaka Works (Kanzaki)
Address 661-0965
2-3-1 Tsugiya, Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture
TEL/FAX TEL: +81-6-6499-7161
FAX: +81-6-6499-0114


The Osaka Works is a specialized facility for manufacturing high-end cold-rolled steel sheet, which makes full use of its products, technologies and equipment. The works has a host of industry-leading equipment including one of the world's largest Sendzimir mills, automatic gauge control (AGC) to mass-produce high-quality cold rolled steel sheet according to required specifications, and a reverse mill to produce ultrathin high-quality sheet that serves the needs of the electronic sector. Here, we strive to meet increasingly diverse customer needs for automotive parts and materials for electronic components.


The Kanazaki plant of the Osaka Works delivers into the marketplace a host of household and industrial products, using a consistent quality control system that begins with raw materials.
A rolling mill employing computerized gauge monitoring equipment, as well as bainite processing equipment and slitters, enable the plant to meet industry's needs for small lots of highly diverse products. The plant has earned a strong reputation for quality, and is a Japanese leader in precision cold rolled steel strip both in terms of quality and quantity.

Facility Name Reference Units Annual Production Capacity (Tons/Year) Principal Items Produced
Cold-rolling (Osaka)
Cold rolling mill
Four-stage reversing type 1 standing 157,000 Cold-rolled steel mill
20-stage reversing
(Sendzimir mill)
1 standing 227,000
Cold rolling Mill
Four-stage reversing type 2 continuous 85,900 Brushed steel strip

Shunan Works

4976 Nomura Minamimachi, Shunan, Yamaguchi Prefecture
TEL/FAX TEL: +81-834-63-0112
FAX: +81-834-63-1995

Steelmaking process (Steelmaking facilities)

Depending on the targeted chemical composition, we use arc heat in an electric furnace to melt ferroalloys such as ferrochrome and ferronickel along with scrap to produce molten iron.
The molten iron passes through the converter furnace, vacuum degassing station and continuous casting to be made into slabs, which then go through hot-rolling process performed at the Kure Works.

Cold rolling

Our cold-rolling mills are of four types: a cluster mill, a reverse Sendzimir mill, a four stand tandem Sendzimir mill and a tandem cold-rolling mill. Each of these mills is productive and delivers high-quality products.

Facility Name Reference Units Annual Production Capacity(Tons/Year) Principal Items Produced
Steelmaking Electric furnace Arc-type 160T
1 standing
1 standing
800,000 Stainless steel Slab
Converter furnace Tandem furnace bottom converter type 80T 2standing
Continuous casting Continuous casting line Mannesmann bending type 1 standing 800,000
Vertical bending type 1 standing
Cold rolling Cold-rolling mill 20-stage reversing
(Sendzimir mill)
4 standing 363,600 Stainless steel Cold-rolled steel sheet
12-stage reversing
(Cluster mill)
1 standing
20-stage continuous type
(Tandem Sendzimir mill)
1 standing
Four-stage type

Six-stage type
1 standing

2 standing
1 continuous

Kinuura Works

1Hama-machi, Hekinan-shi, Aichi Prefecture
TEL/FAX TEL: +81-566-48-7211
FAX: +81-566-48-2269

Kinuura Works (Hot-rolling process)

The hot rolling plant, which was founded in 1996, boasts the state-of-the-art hot rolling facilities centered on the Steckel Mill. The plant has various high-performance machines and instruments as well as the computer system to comprehensively operate and control them, and processes slabs shipped from the Shunan Works into hot rolled coils and plates. In addition, having realized automated in-plant transportation of slabs and coils for example, this plant makes a significant contribution in improving key benchmarks including productivity, product quality and safety.

Kinuura Works (Cold-rolling process)

The plant processes hot rolled materials into cold rolled coils, hoops, etc. Such center pieces of the plant as the fie-foot-wide Sendzimir mill and the annealing & pickling line work to roll, heat-treat and pickle the feedstock, and make products excellent in surface gloss, shape and other attributes. Furthermore, the manufacturing line for ultra-light gauges turns out bright-annealed products with high gloss and hard products of improved flatness with their hardness and thicknesses fine-tuned.

Facility Name Reference Units Annual Production Capacity (Tons/Year) Principal Itemes Produced
Hot-rolling Hot rolling mill Roughing mill, 4-stage reversing type 1 standing 1 continuous 450,000 Stainless steel hot-rolled steel strip
Finishing mill, 4-stage reversing type, steckel mill 1 standing
Cold-rolling Cold rolling mill 20-stage reversing (Sendzimir mill) 2 standing 192,000 Stainless steel cold-rolled steel sheet
6-stage reversing 1 standing