Origin of the Company name

Origin of the Company Name

We asked Yawata Iron & Steel's President Kojima to select our new company name from among several candidates. Reflecting the desire of employees from both Nihon Teppan Co., Ltd., and Nichia Steel Works, Ltd., to retain the character "nichi," which was present in both companies' names, the names presented as candidates were Nihon Steel, Shin-Nihon Steel and NISSHIN STEEL. President Kojima selected the name NISSHIN STEEL because of its sense of being drawn from a set phrase from the Chinese for "university," including the words "newer every day, and again, newer still" and the image of unbounded development that it portrayed. The name also reflected both companies' pasts and pointed to the new company's future. For these reasons, NISSHIN STEEL was selected as the perfect candidate for the new company name. (from a corporate history entitled "Decade in NISSHIN STEEL's Development").

Origin of MOONSTAR Symbol

Our corporate symbol and representative trademark, the MOONSTAR symbol, were established in May 1913, shortly after the founding of Galvanizing Co., Ltd., our predecessor. Galvanizing Co., Ltd., the first private-sector manufacturer of galvanized steel sheet, used the "sakura symbol" when marking for sale its galvanized steel sheet products. This was meant to evoke the name of the company's factory site, on Sakurajima.

Thereafter, the gradual progress of coating technology helped make even better products. By deciding on a new trademark with a fresh, unique image, after considering the matter from a number of angles and seeking to express a combination of sublime heavenly objects and the moon and stars that continue to emit light into eternity, founder Shosuke Kawai christened the new mark the "MOONSTAR" to evoke the unbounded development of the Company's business. In March 1914, the MOONSTAR symbol was registered as the Company's official trademark, and the use of the previous sakura symbol was discontinued.

The initial MOONSTAR symbol employed a waning moon. This component was changed in March 1927 to a quarter moon to better express the general meaning of corporate development (moving toward a full moon) and clearly evoke a sense of forward movement in keeping with the new Showa Era. This change of trademark was registered in September 1915. The MOONSTAR symbol changed again in October 1953, taking on its current form as Osaka Steel Sheet Co., Ltd., and Tokuyama Steel Sheet Co., Ltd., merged to form Nihon Teppan Co., Ltd., which was then incorporated into the Company (from a corporate history entitled "Decade in NISSHIN STEEL's Development").