1908 “Tanaka Galvanizing Works” founded
→ 1939 Renamed “Nichia Steel Co.,Ltd.”
1911 “Aento Co., Ltd ” founded
→ 1953 Renamed “Nihon Teppan Co., Ltd.”
1932 “Nippon Metal Industry Co.,Ltd. ” founded
1934 Industrialization of 18% chromium-8% nickel stainless steel achieved
1959 “Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.” founded through merger of Nichia Steel Co.,Ltd.
and Nihon Teppan Co., Ltd.
1960 Nippon Metal Industry’s Sagamihara Works built
1962 Nisshin installed and blew in its first blast-furnace at Kure Works to
start integrated steelmaking
1963 Nisshin’s Ichikawa Works completed
Three plants of Nanyo, Tokuyama, and Tonda consolidated
and inaugurated as Shunan Plant (present Shunan Works)
“PAINTITE” released
1965 “Gas Wiping (YG) Process”, our epoch-making development to
attain uniform coating weights introduced
1966 Nisshin obtained business right from Kobe Steel, Ltd.
to operate the Sakai Works
1969 Tandem Sendzimir mill started
1970 “ALSTAR” released
Nisshin invested in Acerinox, S.A.,
Spanish-Japanese stainless steel joint venture.
Relevant technical assistance started
1972 Nippon Metal Industry’s Kinuura Works started operation
1985 Nisshin’s Amagasaki plant renamed Amagasaki Works to specialize
in stainless steel pipes & tubes
1988 Wheeling-Nissin, Inc. in the U.S. started commercial production
1998 Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
in China started commercial production
1999 "ZAM®", highly corrosion resistant hot-dip coated steel sheet
launched on the market
2000 Nisshin’s Toyo Works completed
2009 Nisshin’s F-Tech.Plaza established
2011 Baru Stainless SDN.BHD. started commercial production
2012 Nisshin Steel Holdings Co.,Ltd. established
through business integration of
Nisshin and Nippon Metal Industry
2014 Nisshin Steel Holdings, Nisshin Steel and Nippon Metal Industry completed tripartite merger
to start business under new trade name of Nisshin Steel Co.,Ltd.
Nisshin Steel Stainless Steel Tubing Co., Ltd.
inaugurated through consolidation of Amagasaki Works
and Nippon Metal Tube Co.,Ltd.
2016 Nisshin Steel A&C Co., Ltd. established, through merger of the Company’s coating and
building materials businesses including the Ichikawa Works and
the businesses of Nisshin A&C Co., Ltd.
2017 Nisshin Steel became a member of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Group