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Standards of Business Conduct, Code of Conduct

Standards of Business Conduct

We, standing on the following ten guiding principles, respect human rights and comply with all applicable laws and international rules both at home and abroad;
we fulfill social responsibility with high ethical standards toward creating a sustainable society;
we deliver added value through fair competition and contribute to developing economic society through providing jobs and other available means, and;
we pursue our corporate goal of continuing to be a useful presence for a wide spectrum of society.

  1. We develop and offer socially beneficial, safe products/services to earn the satisfaction and trust of consumers and our customers.
  2. We engage in fair, transparent and free competition and proper trades. Furthermore, we will maintain sound and normal relations with politicians/ public officials.
  3. We communicate with our shareholders and a wide spectrum of society through actively and fairly disclosing corporate information. Furthermore, we make sure to protect and control various types of information inclusive of those related to individuals and our customers.
  4. We, as “a good corporate citizen”, proactively conduct CSR activities.
  5. Addressing environmental problems is a common agenda for all humanity. As it is also an essential requirement for corporate existence and activity, we promote necessary programs on our own initiative.
  6. We respect the diversity of our employees (in terms of nationality, race, ethnic group, creed, religion, sex, age, physical characteristics, etc.), their personalities and individualities. At the same time, we secure a safe, pleasant workplace and realize comfort and affluence.
  7. We firmly confront antisocial organizations/syndicates that threaten the order and security of civil society, and refuse to have any relations with such forces.
  8. In response to the globalization of business activities, we observe all applicable laws of the countries/regions where we have our operating bases while respecting international norms inclusive of human rights. We conduct our business with due consideration given to different cultures, customs as well as concerns of stakeholders and contribute to the development of economic societies of such countries/regions.
  9. Our top executives recognize that their role is to realize the spirit of these Standards of Business Conduct, and take a lead in having the Company and group companies practice and publicize among our business partners such spirit. Furthermore, the executives always pay heed to the voices of our employees and outsiders for establishing an effective internal system.
  10. If a situation that runs counter to these Standards of Business Conduct should arise, our top executives make their readiness to deal with such non-compliance known both internally and externally before proceeding to find out the causes and prevent recurrence. Furthermore, the executives disclose timely, accurate information to society to achieve accountability and take strict disciplinary actions against violators inclusive of themselves, when applicable, through clarifying the authority and responsibilities involved.

Code of Conduct

We hereby declare that having set forth the ten guiding principles in our basic norms of “Standards of Business Conduct” we comply with all applicable laws and international rules and their spirit both at home and abroad through conducting ourselves with social common sense.
Whether we can put our declaration into action depends on the awareness and behavior of each executive and employee engaged in our business activities.
This Code of Conduct specifies the guidelines for our executives and employees to keep in mind all the time when performing the duties.

  1. General Provision
    Recognizing that compliance should be given the highest priority among all the values associated with our business activities, we observe all applicable domestic and international laws and other rules inclusive of our company regulations with due understanding of their spirit, and;
    we respect social norms to conduct ourselves with integrity under our group management philosophy and vision.
  2. Harmony with society
    • We cultivate close relations and harmony with local communities in order to gain recognition as a good corporate citizen.
    • We proactively make contributions to society in order to further its progress.
    • In the global arena, we respect the culture and customs of each country/region in order to earn the trust of our business partners and other stakeholders in the communities.
  3. Environmental friendliness
    • We are always friendly to environment. We not only observe environment-related laws and our company regulations but also strive to conserve resources, save energy, control wastes and recycle for reducing environmental burdens.
    • We proactively offer products conducive to environmental protection and promote all-hands environmental activities.
  4. Assurance of product safety and quality
    • When developing, making, selling or otherwise handling products, we not only observe all applicable laws and our company regulations on product safety and adhere to standards governing product quality but also strive to improve such safety and quality.
    • If any failure related to product safety or quality should be found, we promptly take appropriate measures inclusive of notifications to the customers concerned.
  5. Establishment of pleasant workplace
    • 1)Respect for human rights, personalities and individualities
    • We respect human rights, personalities and individualities, and do not perform any act that may constitute discrimination or may lead to discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, ethnic group, creed, religion, sex, age, physical characteristics, etc.
    • 2)Prohibition of sexual harassment
    • We do not perform any act that may constitute sexual harassment or may be misunderstood to constitute such harassment, and do not behave in a manner that may cause others to feel sexually offended.
    • 3)Creation of proper working environment
    • We not only observe all applicable labor-related laws but also strive to build a working environment where employees can perform their jobs with comfort.
    • 4)Creation of safe, hygienic workplace
    • We consider the improvement of safety and hygiene a high-priority task and strive to provide a safer and more hygienic workplace.
  6. Practice of open and fair business activities
    • 1)Disassociation with antisocial forces
    • We firmly confront antisocial organizations/syndicates and refuse to have any relations with such forces.
    • We never utilize such forces to derive benefit for the Company or our personnel.
    • 2)Maintenance of transparency in donations/political contributions
    • When making donations to various organizations, political contributions, etc., we observe all applicable laws inclusive of the Public Office Election Law, the Law Regulating Political Funds, etc. and follow our internal procedures, with due consideration given to the necessity and appropriateness of such endowments.
    • 3)Establishment of sound relations with public officials
    • Both at home and abroad, we do not give money or other favors, or make promises or proposals to public officials/quasi-public officials for unjustifiable purposes in light of the importance of sound and transparent relations with politicians/public officials.
    • 4)Restrictions on business entertainments and gifts
    • When entertaining our business partners or offering gifts to them and vice versa, we keep such customary practices within the limits that may be acceptable under normal social conventions.
  7. Commitment to fair and free competition
    • 1)Observance of Anti-Monopoly Act
    • We not only observe the Anti-Monopoly Act, our company regulations and manuals for the Act but also strive to conduct fair sales activities.
    • We have no discussions or make no arrangements with companies or associations in the same industry on price, quantity, customers, etc., or make no unfair trade restrictions inclusive of bid rigging.
    • We do not collaborate with other companies or associations in the same industry to engage in unfair trade practices inclusive of refusing to do business with some particular companies or new comers, or imposing restrictions on sales prices of our customers.
    • 2)Observance of Subcontracting Act
    • We not only observe the Subcontracting Act, our company regulations and manuals for the Act but also treat equally and fairly our subcontractors/suppliers with common sense and sincerity.
  8. Observance of Foreign Exchange Control Laws
    • 1)Thorough trade management for security
    • We do not export any products or their materials that may obstruct the maintenance of international peace and security.
    • 2)Application of appropriate procedures for capital transactions
    • When conducting capital transactions with overseas companies, we follow necessary procedures pursuant to all applicable laws and our company regulations.
  9. Disclosure of management information
    • We will timely and accurately disclose important corporate information to all our stakeholders.
    • We will clearly inform our management philosophy and policies to our shareholders, investors and all other parties concerned.
  10. Prohibition of insider trading
    • If we should become aware of any insider-trading information involving our Company, related companies or business partners, we do not sell or buy any relevant shares, corporate bonds or acquisition rights of new shares or options, or sell or buy any relevant derivatives irrespective of the transaction names concerned until such information is officially disclosed.
    • If we should become aware of any insider-trading information in the course of our business, we properly control such information without disclosing the same to a third party except in the cases where such disclosure is required in our company regulations.
  11. Management of confidential information
    • We strictly manage and duly handle confidential information of our Company and of other companies and personal information through necessary means inclusive of preventing leakage of such information to a third party and use of the same for other purposes than those required for legitimate business.
    • We do not acquire secret information of other companies through dishonest means.
  12. Respect for intellectual properties
    • We recognize our intellectual properties as valuable assets and not only handle them accordingly but also strive to protect relevant rights.
    • We do not do anything that may infringe on intellectual properties of a third party.
  13. Appropriate management of corporate assets
    • We appropriately manage all of our tangible and intangible assets inclusive of land, equipment, supplies and rights with a view to keeping their values.
    • We do not use any properties/funds of the Company for personal purposes.
  14. Measures to be taken against deviation from this Code of Conduct
    • If any deviation from this Code of Conduct should be found, we immediately rectify such deviation and take measures to prevent recurrence.
    • If our employees should find any deviation or be forced to deviate from this Code of Conduct, they are advised to respond promptly and appropriately through such measures as reporting to and consulting their superiors or utilizing our whistle-blowing system.
    • We do not disadvantage any whistle-blowers with reprisals or harassments.